Commercial law

Commercial law is one of the core areas of law where Broeseliske Van Vlijmen Advocaten is active. An area of law where much advice is given, but sometimes substantial litigation must also be conducted.

We are commercial law practitioners pur sang. Thanks to our years of experience as bankruptcy trustees we know all too well where things can go wrong. In this connection, we are genuinely interested in your enterprise (irrespective of its legal form) and your vision for the business. We are ‘streetwise’ and always endeavour to map out the operational management, processes and various interests within your enterprise in order to jointly reach a solution to your problem or dispute.  

We don’t act only for companies. We also assist managers, supervisory directors, (groups of) shareholders, creditors and companies who, for example, want to carry out a takeover of another enterprise, whether a hostile one or not. Consequently, we are all-rounders.