Insolvency law

Bankruptcy law (also often known as insolvency law) has no secrets for Broeseliske Van Vlijmen Advocaten. We give advice and conduct litigation in all aspects of this area of law.

On the one hand, we advise and guide companies with respect to relaunches or restructurings or company liquidation, and on the other hand, we assist, among others, managers, suppliers, employees and other creditors in various disputes related to bankruptcy law.

Our experienced lawyers (who are also bankruptcy trustees) pay a lot of attention to strategy and, in this connection, know exactly how bankruptcy trustees think, operate and make their assessments in this respect, among other things. This makes us excellent advisers with a good overview of what is and is not possible.

You can contact our specialists for all matters from all types of disputes with bankruptcy trustees or managers, petitioning for bankruptcy, filing of objections to or appeals against a bankruptcy ruling to the successful relaunch of your company. Let us guide you!