Broeseliske Van Vlijmen Advocaten is there for entrepreneurs in the Innovation Fund for SMEs. We are the entrepreneurs’ resourceful interlocutors and sparring partner for and we work on clear and creative solutions.

Our areas of law are commercial law, property law, and labour law. In addition, our firm is also an established name in insolvency law. As insolvency practitioners, we are both trustees of bankrupt companies and counsel for (directors of) finically distressed companies. The partners traditionally have a strong litigation background.

Broeseliske Van Vlijmen Advocaten wants to be able to continue distinguishing itself in the area of legal advice to entrepreneurs by further expanding our team with a trainee solicitor in the field of insolvency law and labour law.

Our offices in The Hague (Ypenburg) are modern and equipped for the future. We follow developments in IT closely and believe in a healthy balance between work and private life, by facilitating working from home, for example. A “hands on” – entrepreneurs – mind-set focused on the client’s problem is one of our team’s core values.

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