About us

In addition to knowledge and experience, negotiation technique and understanding of the background of problems are also involved. To enable us to assist our clients as much as possible, we willingly invest extra time in actually getting to know the company through a personal approach.

We are advocates and resourceful interlocutors for SME Innovation Fund entrepreneurs in particular; connective and attentive. We ensure we know a lot about our clients’ management so we can draw attention to legally relevant developments in the sector in time. We believe we can support our clients personally, extensively and optimally in their development and expansion in a constantly changing market. Consequently, our advice is easily understood and ideally, brief.

So our motto is prevention is better than cure.  However, if legal proceedings are unavoidable, the client can count on our years of litigation experience. We assist clients in summary proceedings, substantive proceedings and with appeals.

mr. M. (Mark) van Benthem

Arbeidsrecht, huurrecht, ondernemingsrecht.

Mark is advocaat.
Zijn specialismen: arbeidsrecht, huurrecht en ondernemingsrecht.

Zijn handelsmerken: betrokken, eerlijk en snel.

Mark: “Als advocaat zoek ik naar het (achterliggende) belang van mijn cliënten. Ik achterhaal waar het mijn cliënten écht om gaat. Vervolgens denk ik in creatieve oplossingen, niet alleen op juridisch vlak. In en buiten een procedure treft u met mij een snel handelende, no-nonsense bondgenoot die strijdt voor uw belangen.”  



  • Masteropleiding Nederlands Recht (focus arbeidsrecht);
  • Lid Vereniging Jonge Arbeidsrecht Advocaten (JVAA).

Sylvia Broeseliske

Property law, insolvency law, restarts.

Reaching agreements and setting them clearly down in writing is often the best way to prevent legal disputes. If a dispute arises nevertheless, then I opt for a ‘down-to-earth’ approach. A pragmatic solution. The fact is that litigation is not always the best way given that people may possibly still want to do business with each other in the future. Furthermore, litigation costs time, money and energy. And in practice, being right does not automatically mean winning in court.


  • Post-graduate Grotius Academie specialisation course in Real Estate and Insolvency Law;
  • Member of INSOLAD, the Dutch Association of Insolvency Practitioners;
  • Member of the Association of Real Estate Lawyers;
  • The court appoints Broeseliske as a bankruptcy trustee.

Joachim van Vlijmen

Company law, insolvency law and (company) procedural law.

As a lawyer, mediator and entrepreneur, I seek to deepen the relationship with my clients. That provides insight into my client’s actual interests, where we find the solution for an issue together. As a lawyer, I look for pragmatic and creative solutions, so that the entrepreneur can continue focusing on their core business: doing business.


  • Post-graduate Grotius Academie specialisation course in Finance & Securities;
  • Knowledge of granting of credit, private equity (including pledges, mortgages, sureties, subordination and bank guarantees);
  • Mediator and temporary judge in the Amsterdam District Court;
  • The court appoints van Vlijmen as bankruptcy trustee.

Samir el Hadouchi

Insolvency law, company lawt, attachment and execution law, debt collection.

Every dispute or problem requires a different approach. Sometimes brief advice or a single letter to the adverse party can suffice, and sometimes a substantial amount of litigation must be undertaken. If need be, you will find Samir a real ally, a strategist who assists you with advice and expert help and does not consider only strictly legal solutions. Samir is pragmatic, creative and streetwise.


  • Master’s degree in company law and business law;
  • Member of JIRA, Dutch Association of Young Insolvency Law Practitioners;
  • The court appoints el Hadouchi as bankruptcy trustee.

Robert Nolten

Insolvency law, commercial law, attachment and execution law, debt collection.

Prevention is better than cure, but it is often already too late when a lawyer is engaged. That’s the moment when a strategy has to be devised where your interests are given priority and, at the same time, separate attention is given to the costs and benefits. What exactly is your issue? A plan of action is developed together with the client. Can the dispute still be resolved amicably and to your satisfaction? This is generally preferred. If this is actually no longer possible and litigation is unavoidable, then you can count on a substantial quantity of combativeness and a tireless and dauntless advocate.


  • Master’s degree in company law and commercial law;
  • Member of JIRA, Dutch Association of Young Insolvency Law Practitioners;
  • The court appoints Nolten as bankruptcy trustee.